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Falling with style: Improv workshop

In this workshop, we’ll see the huge importance of confidence and trust in improv.

We'll see techniques to use in those moments when we internally feel we are falling to let our audience think we are flying.

What triggers confidence in each one of us? How can we use confidence to create a solid base where we can build the rest of our act?

We’ll explore both the confidence in ourselves and our offers, and the trust in our fellow players and their offers, and we’ll see how they relate.

This workshop is open to anyone with a basic understanding of the rules of improv. Very experienced improvisers that want to work on being more assertive on stage will also benefit a lot from it.

Date: 9th of March. From 11:00 to 17:00
Price: 45€
Limited to 12 spots, book yours emailing:

Alfonso is an improviser and a marketing graduate. He improvises since 2010, is one of the founders of Berlín ES Impro and has been part of ComedySports Berlin and Scratch Theater. Since 2014 he works organising adventure sailing trips that focus on the development of (among others) courage. In this workshop he’ll bring the learnings from that world onto the adventure of doing improv.

Later Event: March 9
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